Friday, April 23, 2010

Inspired by the Music of Metric

I recently shared my obsession with Emily Haines and her band Metric. I've had a lot of fun over the past couple of days making outfits inspired by some of their songs and thought I'd share. Music and fashion are so intertwined in my life, I'm not sure I could ever untangle them. What I listen to affects what I wear and what I'm wearing affects what I'm in the mood to hear. So without further ado, my Metric inspired creations:

1. "On the Sly" from the album Grow Up and Blow Away
More Metric music on iLike
The lyrics of this song are a flirty and romantic, and the sound is light and twinkling. In light of that, I wanted to keep the outfit light and springy and I immediately went to lace and floral patterns. I mean, it doesn't get much more flirty. I added some vintage accessories to further illustrate the soft, romantic theme here. I really like this outfit. I'm not sure if I would wear just because it's SO girly, but I definitely feel like it's a great complement to the song.

2. "Combat Baby" from the album Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?
The first thing I thought of when I was listening to this song for fashion inspiration was combat boots, and obviously, there are a lot of allusions to fighting in these lyrics. I decided I wanted this to be a grunge-inspired number so I added some grunge staples like a denim jacket and tattered socks. The vintage floral dress adds some femininity to the overall masculine vibe. When it's all pieced together, you have a rocker-chic look that reflects the more upbeat, drum-driven sound of this rock song.

3. "Monster Hospital" from the album Live It Out
This outfit was mainly inspired by the music video above. (It gets kind of bloody, so just be aware if you're going to watch it.) The majority of this video is shot in grayscale, so I took my cue from that making the core of my outfit white and gray. Like I warned, there's a lot of blood in this video and the red stands out in the colorless background. Inspired by that, I added some little splashes of bright red that pop out of the neutral core of the outfit. The necklace is a nod to the one Emily is wearing in the video.

4. "Sick Muse" from the album Fantasies
Again, I used the music video as inspiration. Emily wears very glittery, glam outfits which is a reflection of the sparkly, electronic sound of the song. The attitude of the lyrics and the way Emily sings them is sneering at times and wistful at others. Inspired by the highly stylistic, glitzy vibe of the song and video, I made a metallic, sequined club-appropriate outfit that I think is a lot of fun and perfectly fitting for the 'sick muse' who is the voice for this song.

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