Sunday, April 25, 2010

Inspired by the Music of Metric: Part Two

A continuation of my previous post. I had so much fun with it, I thought I'd do a few more.

"The Twist" from the album Grow Up and Blow Away

This song has a melancholy, lovesick undertone which prompted me to use predominantly blues and silvers in this outfit. Since this is Metric's very early work, the sound is much lighter and uses synth as a complement to Emily's driving vocals as opposed to their more recent music which features synth/dance beat driven music that works in equal force to Emily's vocals. This outfit reflects that in its simplicity and its breezy tone.

"Succexy" from the album Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?

This song has a clear anti-war message and references the military throughout. Since military-inspired clothing has been a recent trend, I thought I would employ it in my fashion interpretation of this song. I wish I had more to say about it, but that's basically all I got.

"Poster of a Girl" from the album Live It Out
(You can see the video here)

This song is about lost innocence and feeling like a child with far too much experience as an adult. It truly is a heartbreaking song. In keeping with that basic premise, there are some adult themes discussed in the lyrics, so be forewarned. The outfit I made was inspired by a few things. Firstly, I wanted it to have an innocent and girlish look to it which gave me the general idea for what I wanted to do. Secondly, I wanted to combine a couple elements from some of the outfits Emily wears in the video, hence the lace skirt and striped top. Finally, half of the song is sung in French which inspired me to add the crocheted beret. I know, I know. It's so cliche, but I think it works.

"Gimme Sympathy" from the album Fantasies

This song is very romantic and optimistic. I wanted to makes something very pretty and I wanted it to reflect the romantic feel of the song. I started with a lacy crop top just because that's always the first thing I think of when I think of romantic fashion. I paired it with a complementing high-waisted pencil skirt. Nude flats and a simple purple clutch work well with the outfit without detracting attention from the top which is clearly the focal piece. I added a lace headband just because I thought it would be cute.

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