Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?

I felt like Zooey Deschanel today and thought I'd share. :)

Don't forget to check out She & Him's new album Volume Two!

PS- Sorry the pictures aren't great. I lost my camera and was using my phone.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Emily Haines

I always used to say that I could never in a million years pick a favorite band. There are just so many that I love and none that truly stood above the rest in my mind. And then I met Metric.

Metric frontwoman Emily Haines is not only musically gifted, but one of my favorite fashion icons. Emily has two fashion personas. I will refer to them as Peformance Emily and Off-Duty Emily.

Performance Emily
When she's in music videos and sometimes when she's in concert, Emily ups the glam factor. Think sequins, sparkles, heeled boots, fingerless gloves, etc. Her on camera/on stage style reflects the Canadian band's musical style. Their edgy, sparkling, electronic sound that has spawned hits like "Gimme Sympathy," "Sick Muse" and "Combat Baby" becomes the style and demeanor of Performance Emily.

Off-Duty Emily
When Emily is in more casual situations, she opts for a more androgynous look taking menswear inspired ensembles and giving them a softer touch. Off-Duty Emily isn't showy. She leaves the sparkles and the experimentation for the spotlight. She doesn't wear a lot of accessories and she doesn't do complicated hair styles. She's effortlessly charming as a refined, adult tomboy.

As always, some looks inspired by Emily. (Instead of doing one casual and one formal like I usually do, I've made a Peformance-inspired outfit and an Off-Duty-inspired outfit.)

And, of course, current musical obsessions. (I've got a lot right now.)